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Bringing the garden inside is a perfect way to enliven your home.
Indoor plants are recognised to add a wide range of benefits to our lives- like a piece of art, with the right choice bringing a special touch to an otherwise plain room.

They brighten spaces, giving a sense of freshness by creating a connection to the outdoors. Through cycling air, our plants remove impurities and toxins from our spaces, as well as create oxygen for us. If these are not a good enough reason to grab yourself a few plant friends, how about just because you want to.

Happy Plants


Where will your new plant baby live in your home – for the most part, all plants need a good amount of indirect light. Choose a position away from hot afternoon sun as this may dry or burn your plants.

There are some varieties that will tolerate lower light conditions so if you are needing a plant for a specific low-light space, check your plant care instructions.

There’s nothing worse than not having your plant do well because it can’t thrive where you are asking it to live.


As your indoor plant won’t be washed by rain, it is important to remove the build-up of particles that might land on their leaves. This will help the plant breathe as well as always look its best.

Take your plant outside for a spray or in for a quick shower occasionally to keep it clean and healthy.

We also recommend a neem oil spray like We The Wild Protect to keep the leaves shiny.


A number of factors influence how often your plant will need a little drink – the pot that it is planted in, the soil condition, the temperature and humidity in your home, as well as the type of plant you have bought.

As a general rule, once this first inch of soil is dry, it is time to give your plant a little water. When you have a reasonable idea of how long this takes, you can start a watering routine, keeping in mind it will change in different seasons.

Take a little time to get to know your plant as they are not all the same. Some prefer more regular watering, others don’t like wet feet so need a well drained potting mix. We always recommend reading the plant care instructions and finding a plant that best suits you.


Keeping a plant is fairly easy but it does require a good feed of quality fertiliser every now and then and a little pep me up tonic power feed every 2- 3 weeks.

Keep in mind, plants traditionally live outside where they are nourished from nutrients that are bioproducts from its natural environment.