The Jack Stake - Whisper White


Whisper White

Deco-inspired with a diamond-like reference. Modern, classic clean lines with simple curves to soften the edges.

Standing tall and elevated, how we like our diamonds, special with any trailing foliage for support or use as a stand-alone piece to complement compact or upright leaf form.

Coming in two colours to complement any home with any foliage and a limited edition seasonal colour.


Made in Bayside, Melbourne by a metal designer and crafter with over 30 years experience.

Ideal totem for climbing or trailing plants such as Snow Queens, Devil’s Ivy, Monstera, Hoya or Philodendron.  Can be styled as a decorative feature in upright or compact plants forms such as Butterflies (Syngonium), Pilea or Tradescantia. 

Use | Indoors- although they are powder coated we advise indoor use only. 

Specifications |  We do our very best to produce a true to measure product, however, due to the nature of production, there may be some slight discrepancy in measurements. 

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