Alocasia Melo - RARE


This rare beauty is coveted for its distinctively textured foliage. Its leaves are thick and mostly matte, patterned beautifully with deep veins which appear to almost shimmer in the light. Its no wonder this stunner is always highly sought after.

This is a favourite at Planted & Co… Definitely, one to add to the Alocasia collection.

Looks stunning in any interior and is one that will certainly be a talking point.

  • 12cm pot.


Bright indirect light away from direct sun, keep moist, not wet. Can be grown in shade.

Water when the soil starts to dry not allowing the plant to sit in water.

Use We The Wild Grow and Support for a healthy happy Alocasia.
Small – 10cm  – 12cm 

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WATER Low to Medium
LIGHT Bright Indirect


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