Hoya Australis


This Hoya variety has small-to medium sized round, glossy trailing lengths.  These shoots can be long and quick growing if left uncut.  Displaying thick white waxy clusters of flowers about 40- 50mm in diameter when in bloom. Hoyas have become highly sought after and this variety is no exception. Looks brilliant trailing or propped up with a Planted & Co. stake of your choice.

*2 Sizes available

Suited to a well-lit position with bright indirect light. For a Hoya to flower, it will need to have the right light and water conditions. Does not like to be overwatered – only water when soil is dry.

This plant will love We The Wild’s Protect spray to keep its leaves glossy.
Mini – 7.5cm – 9.5cm
Small – 10cm – 12cm
Medium – 13 cm – 15cm
Large – 17cm – 20cm