Sometimes called the Epipremnum “Happy Leaf”, Manjula is hard to come by and very much sought after for its stunning variegation. This beauty can be identified through its slightly wavy leaf edge, where the other varieties lie flat.

With striking variegation of white, cream and greens, it is not unusual for some leaves to be mostly white, while other leaves are heavily speckled or blocked with greens and creams.

With patterning that differs on every leaf, this show-stopper is like a living hand-painted work of art.

Select your fave or pot up a few together for a stunning display.

*PLEASE NOTE – Only A & B remaining. You will receive actual plant(s) as pictured.


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Grows best in bright indirect light, though not direct sunlight. Hot sun may scorch the white leaves.

Too little light may cause variegation to disappear.

Soil should be kept moist but definitely not soggy. Allow to dry out a little in between waterings.

Keep happy and growing by fertilising with We The Wild Grow.