‘Philodendron Birkin’

The new kid on the block when it comes to planting fashion. Shiny, glossy, compact.

A showy display of large almond-shaped dark green leaves, contrasted with variegated cream stripes running the length of the leaf.

One of our favourites here at Planted & Co. for its stunning display and easy care.

New leaves present green with stripes appearing and deepening as the leaves grow and the plant matures.

Mini size only (pictured) – 10cm pot

A hardy, easy-care plant with low water requirements, being happy to dry out between watering.

Find a nice bright spot with indirect light and fertilize regularly during the growing phase with We The Wild Grow.

We The Wild Protect will keep the Birkin’s leaves glossy and happy.
Mini – 7.5cm – 9.5
Small – 9.5cm – 12cm
Medium – 13 cm – 15cm
Large – 17cm – 20cm