This striking and rare tropical beauty is actually quite easy-care – win! Its velvety, large and long drop leaves are sure to draw attention – and for all the right reasons. New foliage is coppery green with white veins. A large philodendron variety, this gorgeous plant appears different colours in different light. This one is always in demand so be quick! Definitely one for the collectors.

Although happy growing in shade in nature, this beauty will do well indoors with bright indirect light, leading to larger leaves. Direct sunlight will yellow the leaves and possibly damage your plant.

The best position for your Gigas is close to a bright window, but do not allow the sunlight to touch its leaves directly.

Keep the soil damp but not soggy as this can lead to root rot.

This plant thrives in a warm environment with high humidity so will appreciate regular misting or use of a humidifier.

Loves moisture but requires well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Try Houseplant Hoarders Aroid & Tropical Mix for a happy Gigas.

Fertilise with We The Wild Grow to help this plant achieve big leaves… The bigger the better with the Gigas!