Ah the Pink Princess! A definite fave here at Planted & Co. This striking Philodendron will wow you with pink splashes on its leaves – you never know what colour the next leaf will be! Also sometimes featuring small white markings and a leaf base of deep green to burgundy. Sometimes the Princess will reward you with bright hot-pink leaves or simply spashes of paler pink. Each plant is unique and ever-changing wit each new leaf.

Each plant is in a 12cm pot and features great variegation as per the images. 

This pink beauty prefers bright indirect light. Direct sunlight may burn the leaves though a little morning sun is generally fine.

The best position for your Pink Princess is close to a bright window.

Keep the soil damp but not soggy as this can lead to root rot.

This plant thrives in a warm environment with high humidity so will appreciate regular misting or use of a humidifier.

Loves moisture but requires well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Try Houseplant Hoarders Aroid & Tropical Mix for a happy Princess.

Fertilise with We The Wild Grow to help this plant flourish.