Syngonium Pink Patchy


The Pink Patchy. This gorgeous Syngonium’s leaves are shades of pinks and pale minty-green with patches of pink. Each leaf is different, making this beauty a fun addition for collectors. Easy care, this Syngonium will add colour and interest to any interior. Looks amazing in our white ceramic pots.

12cm pot. Plant as pictured. You will receive this exact plant.



To maintain its beautiful colouring, place this plant in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as it may crisp its leaves.

The Pink Patchy thrives in a humid environment and likes its soil to be moist, though not wet.

Prune to shape or allow it to climb, creep and trail. Looks amazing with a Planted & Co. stake.
Mini – 7.5cm – 9.5cm
Small – 10cm -12cm
Medium – 13 cm – 15cm
Large – 17cm – 20cm