Tradescantia Nanouk


‘Tradescantia Fluminensis’ “Bubblegum/Lilac Tradescantia”

Our favourite Tradescantia..

This highly sought after and rare variety has larger leaves than its sister, Tradescantia Tricolour.

Its highly unusual foliage appears with its trademark colouring of green, white and pink/lilac with tones of magenta/hot pink undersides and highlighting stripes. The Nanouk is a trailing plant with an upright form, a choice plant to display on a table/desktop to add colour.

Bonus – being a Tradescantia, its easy care and excellent for plant beginners and collectors alike.

Style with our Urban Eden Theodore pot in size small. Also perfectly fits our Ceramic Straight Edge Pot in size mini.

Medium indirect light to encourage shades of pink and white.

Allow to dry out before watering again.

Repot with Houseplant Hoarders Indoor Plant Mix.
Mini – 7.5cm – 9.5cm
Small – 10cm – 12cm
Medium – 13 cm – 15cm
Large – 17cm – 20cm