Variegated Chain of Hearts


‘Ceropegia Woodii Variegata’

Ahhhh, the ever-loved and very much sought after Variegated Chain of Hearts.

A fast-growing, showy variety-trailing with its little heart-shaped pink and cream leaves, splashed with lime, green and grey.

Perfect easy-care plant for a hanging basket or curl the trailers inside the planter for a fuller look on a desk or tabletop.

12cm pot


Semi-succulent tolerating dry soil.

Likes bright light – allow a little bit of direct sun for some of the day for full foliage and best colouring. If foliage is becoming sparse and leaves are forming far apart, move to a brighter position.

Allow soil to dry out completely between waterings.

Repot with Houseplant Hoarders Indoor Plant Mix.

Care for these little hearts with We The Wild Grow and Support pellets.
Mini – 7.5cm – 9.5cm
Small – 10cm – 12cm
Medium – 13 cm – 15cm
Large – 17cm – 20cm

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